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Community-Based Learning and Success Coaching

Three Focal Areas

Integrated Leadership

There is a talent crisis on the horizon and the pressure is on leaders to hire & retain their best employees. This can be accomplished by adopting an integrated leadership culture which takes a holistic approach to every individual and recognizes diversity of thought. Your leaders are the cornerstones of employee engagement and hold considerable influence with employees. 

The Integrated Leader is a dynamic learning experience that consists of two cohorts a year and six in-person modules plus virtual reinforcement. Here is an example of the modules that can also be customized to fit any company's needs:
  • Self-Awareness
  • Science of High Performance
  • High Impact Storytelling and Engagement
  • Inclusion: Hidden Culture, Learning Across Language, Growing Greatness
  • Leading and Managing
  • Customized Visible Changes Plan and Video
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Small Businesses:
Growth As A Service

Small businesses are the backbone of our country. The small business entrepreneur has challenges that differ from technology start-ups or large business.

This is why we focus on scalable growth. How do you accelerate sales while creating a foundation that supports it? How do you stop wasting money with services you think you need that don't deliver? Our Small Business modules teach you about the following areas at affordable prices:
  • Design Thinking Customized for Your Business
  • Business Planning Canvas
  • Leading and Managing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Financing to Scale
  • Small Business Coaching 
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Success Coaching

Let's fight the fight for socioeconomic equality while living the life we want. Success redefined to your terms. No canned "How do you feel about that?" coaching sessions. We're going to discuss a transformative skills plan for you and we're going to figure out how to get you the time and motivation you need to attain the future you want.

We're growing older every second. Don't waste another minute of it watching puppy videos on YouTube or your friends doing shots on Instagram. Live in the present. Make time for YOU! 

Here is a sampling of the topics and plans we can help you with:
  • Learn How and What To Learn
  • Communicate Across Diversity
  • How To Keep Technical Workers Engaged
  • Speak At a Public Event
  • Write a Book
  • Learn a Tech Skill
  • Develop, Validate and Accelerate an Idea
Our coaches have vast professional and life experiences. A sampling of some of our achievements:

Certified Master Coach, Certified Motivators Practitioner (CMP). Certified Behaviors Practitioner (CBP). Temperament Certified Professional and EQi Certified. Former instructor of Organization Behavior at the Women’s College at the University of Denver.

CEO of an international technology company. SVP Sales. Software development. Offered a Stanford University Fellowship. Entrepreneur. Huffpost Blogger. 
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We are a community of lifelong learners focused on delivering opportunities for both professionals and the underemployed.


We do 3 things: 1) Partner with organizations to design communities of engaged, collaborative and successful members; 2) Design learning programs with measurable results; 3) Performance coaching.
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